Wednesday, September 30, 2009

München : Octoberfest

Beer or Wine ?

Occasionally (or most of the times), people living in Germany drink beer on special event. But on Octoberfest, it is so legally, established, organized event that you can have beers as much as your capability and get drunk heavily but it would be still okay. I think Homer and his friends would set this place as their playground (for a month). The name is Octoberfest but it started on September until early of October. When I get there, it was almost reached the peak, the last week of Octoberfest. We could see in the street people get dressed in traditional Bavarian's style, and as soon as we arrived at the fest, found some people already got drunk (it was 4pm, quite early to get loaded for me) a litre of beer (it's Octoberfest anyway!) costs 9,60 €.
No wonder it will always be such an occasion for Deutschland !

Contrary to the fact above, I found out very few of Parisiens (or if they really exist then I didn't notice) nor Spanish/ Portuguese people drink beer on special occasion. Instead, they prefer wine as a company for food. Porto also has this strong, sugary wine, uniquely produced in the area, name Port Wine. It was saying that French women could eat much but they still thin because they drink red wine. Don't know much whether it's a fact or just a myth but I do love wine better than beer.

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Mike said...

wine definitely but it's so expensive

sTyLiSsiMo said...

wine could cost just 1.99 Eur as well, depends on the year.

but porto wine is the best so far, a bit expensive thou' (7 Eur)