Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Travelling Asia

Some people were asking me about the situations in my country, most of them are from North America or Europe.
Well known for its beauty, Asia has been a destination for vacation or travelling for people who seeks warm climate, not so expensive hotel price, cheap but high quality goodies or even to find naturally tanned natives babes with their exotic beauty.

But also many foreigner who have visited here, found that in certain ways things were different from they've heard. Every country has their own culture, or even if you visit one country like Indonesia, we have different culture for each Island or tribe.

It's good to have more informations before you visit one country, or even have a friend who could give you enough informations ( or maybe help in case you need it).

I was writing this blog, so if one you has visited here, and has travelling to Indonesia or Asia, could leave your link so others could see it and find it helpful.