Monday, May 30, 2011

what's not about Denmark

In one week I shall left my home country and back to Copenhagen, to write my thesis and graduate my master program.
Even though so many things had fascinated me since I my first time lived in Denmark (like automatic lights in every toilets, massive airport, old buildings, sophisticated infrastructures & any signs of developed countries) I still feel that this is not the country I want to stay for longer period. Not that Danes are less good looking than Dutch (I was studying in Amsterdam before, so I guess I am quite competence to judge such comparison. Or maybe those good looking guys weren't Danes at all.. )- but because I got scolded too much during my stay here.
Well I thought it must be something wrong with my less intimidated appearance, being just 5'2" and skinny with obvious Asian look won't scare anyone. But oftentimes, I think more it's probably just Danes not get used to being nice to other people. Not just to Asian, my Dutch friend also got scolded luckily (despite he's impressively 6'3" tall like any normal Dutch).

Yes, it is a beautiful country, where everything seems (too) orderly placed. Netherlands just look very chaotic compared to Denmark. But hey, I didn't remember time where people treated me bad while I was in Amsterdam.
In Copenhagen, even the bank teller dare to scolded me while it was actually her mistake! I hope it was not because I looked non-Danes that she treated me so rude (but just because she's an ugly, old biatch that having a bad day & found me a substitute for her unpleasantness).

Anyway, of course there are nice Danes that I met during my 5 months stayed- my landlady for sure (and she agreed about Danes people could be 'cold' depends on the weather), few of my classmates (one girl from Jutland is terribly sweet, unlike any real Danes). I could just draw a conclusion that they are who came from Jutland are preferable then those from more populated cities (e.g Kobenhavn).

If any of my friends would like to visit me here, I'd just told them to make their stay as short as tourists can be- I mean these buildings and tourist attractions will stay here forever, isn't it? But what I hope if I travel is a sweet encounter with local people, in hoping as reflection of their welcoming culture. And that, I am not sure will be a point to sell in DK.
Or maybe, I am just an Asian that hoping people nice to each other, as where I come from.