Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barcelona : magicaL , , ,

If nine is a magic number then here, in Barcelona, we are suppose to triple our luck. A 'bueno pueblo' where evrything seems to romantic and people were kissing everywhere.

I already fell in love with this part of Spain since I arrived at the Bcn airport.
Moreover when the weather is warm and beautiful people walking on the La Ramblas street.
Local people here are very much different than in Paris (of course!) they are much more laid-back, friendly, helpful, and physically pleasing. I mean, the police officers that I met were quite good looking and also ordinary people that we met on Parc Guell, public park that made by Gaudi.

We're staying in Barcelona Youth hostel located in nature reserve park, it is quite far from center of the town itself, but for me personally, I really love the place.
I put this place as one of the top 3-best places that I've stayed throughout my Eurotrip.

Easyjet flight ticket Paris - Barcelona : 84 €
Youth hostel @ Barcelona : 12 € / person
T-10 Ticket : 7.7 €
Dinner : 6 - 7 €

More information about Barcelona : Barcelona Tourist Information
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