Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kiluan :: Hidden paradise & dolphins attractions

This is one of the series of Indonesia :: dangerously beautiful

This trip was out of plan actually, but since I did not have to go to work anymore (already resigned last week)
I thought this suppose to be not a bad idea.
About Kiluan, I did not heard much about it.
So I try to google some information, and this is one of the websites that I found

They put a very nice picture in a front page,

and then there's information about dolphins inhabitation.

I didn't think twice to sign up for the trip, and it's a favorable decision afterall.

The team who arrange the trip, I already known them from previous trip to Krakatau, had contacted the member to inform about the itinerary and budget (which was on the good price) also about meeting point etc.
We also settled to go for camping instead of stay in a rent room- hope the weather will be nice -

It takes approximately 6 hours with public transport (bus) from Bandung to Merak port- our meeting point
(ticket price 50,000 IDR for air conditioned, non-economy bus)
Almost a smooth ride with a bit of traffic jam at Cipularang.

We waited for others members for a while then depart from Merak to Bakauheni port
(ferry ticket cost 10,000 IDR+ 8,000 IDR for upgrade to air conditioned room).

Nearly 3 hours to cross the strait with ferry boat, it was ok since I got asleep instantly.
Then another 6 hours to reach the dock located at Kiluan bay,
where our small fishing boats took us to Pulau (=island) Kelapa.

All the way to this place, it's well worth it.

The beach is so beautiful, with white sands and clear water, also perfect weather.

Moreover, there's nobody but us. Feels like have our own private beach.

Soon after we fixed the tents, everybody dipped into the water etc, you know how it's going (it's on the pics anyway).

It was raining hard a while at night, and some of us a bit worried in the morning for the weather.
As we hoped come this far to see the dolphins, but they wouldn't show up when it was not a perfect weather.

Early boat gets the dolphins

Got up early in the morning and departed with the fishing boat to target zone before 0630,
we had not seen any of this lovely creature until 30 minutes later.

That's the groups of black dolphins, with smaller sizes but higher jumpers.

Then the grey dolphins came around, they are bigger, look very friendly and splash around the boat closely.
I don't know how to describe this experience, 'Amazing' is certainly not enough word to describe it.

An hour to snap these terribly cute mammals, then more boats joined the hunt and we decided to go back to the island.
They (the dolphins) wouldn't pop up anyway when there's too much boat on the site.

The combination of amazing site plus dolphins attractions, witty companions, the weather and such experience :
I called it 'a perfect gateaway'

Budget spent 370,000 IDR

(not including transport Bandung to Merak, approx 100,000 IDR)