Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to level out the world

I am believe I am just lucky.

That's my attitude to face all the goodness in life.

In other words, I am luckier than most of people in my hometown, even in my home country.

That's also the line I was telling to my friend when we walked down the path on beautiful garden of Alhambra or alongside a beautiful beach in Phuket.

sagrada di familiaSagrada di Familia, Barcelona

king's palaceAlhambra, Granada

[inside] Notre Dame, Paris

Sacre Couer, Paris

This is one of my favorites stories, taken from Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren - Volume 1 - by my favorite author, as well, Paulo Coelho.
Once when Confucius was travelling with his disciples, he heard tell of a very intelligent boy living in a particular village. Confucius went to see and talk to him and he jokingly asked: 'How would you like to help me do away with all the irregularities and inequalities in the world? 'But why' asked the boy. 'If we flattened the mountains, the birds would have no shelter. If we filled up the deep rivers and the sea, the fish would die. If the head of the village had as much authority as the madman, no one would know where they were. The world is vast enough to cope with the differences.'

Mesquita in Cordoba

autumn has just started in Porto

The disciples left feeling greatly impressed by the boy's wisdom, and as they journeyed towards the next town, one of them commented that all children should be like that. Confucius said:

'I've known many children who, instead of playing and doing the things appropriate to their age, were busy trying to understand the world. Not one of those precocious children did anything of any great significance later in life because they had never experienced the innocence and healthy irresponsible of childhood.'
keywautumn in Berlinautumn in Berlin
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

street music ala Parisien

Stasiun kereta di Paris beda banget ya sama stasiun Kebon Kawung di Bandung.

Selain stasiun-nya lebih bersih, yang ngamen juga elit pisan.... ini anak-anak skolah musik kayanya.

Alhasil para pengunjung (termasuk kita, para traveler kere :-) pada nonton dan ngasi duit ... dengan rela tentunya -gak pake intimidasi.
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