Wednesday, September 30, 2009

München : Octoberfest

Beer or Wine ?

Occasionally (or most of the times), people living in Germany drink beer on special event. But on Octoberfest, it is so legally, established, organized event that you can have beers as much as your capability and get drunk heavily but it would be still okay. I think Homer and his friends would set this place as their playground (for a month). The name is Octoberfest but it started on September until early of October. When I get there, it was almost reached the peak, the last week of Octoberfest. We could see in the street people get dressed in traditional Bavarian's style, and as soon as we arrived at the fest, found some people already got drunk (it was 4pm, quite early to get loaded for me) a litre of beer (it's Octoberfest anyway!) costs 9,60 €.
No wonder it will always be such an occasion for Deutschland !

Contrary to the fact above, I found out very few of Parisiens (or if they really exist then I didn't notice) nor Spanish/ Portuguese people drink beer on special occasion. Instead, they prefer wine as a company for food. Porto also has this strong, sugary wine, uniquely produced in the area, name Port Wine. It was saying that French women could eat much but they still thin because they drink red wine. Don't know much whether it's a fact or just a myth but I do love wine better than beer.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If we ever missed the train . . .

Yes we've missed the train from Paris to Berlin, and though we were trying to evaluate how this thing could happened (the baggage took longer than we've expected, the metro didn't leave on time, etc) still we tried ... or I tried, to look at the bright side. Despite it cost us additional 15€ to catch our train at Metz, but apparently it was well worth it!

Bukan museum atau lokasi foto pre-wedding, tapi ini stasiun kreta di Metz

This is what Wikipedia saying about Metz (it's definitely out of our plan, so I found out about this later on) "
MetzFrench pronunciation: [mɛs]) is a city in the northeast of France, capital of the Lorraine region and prefecture of the Moselle department. It is located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers."

Kejadian ketinggalan kereta ini emang bener-bener seru, kaya di film, mulai dari H2C (harap harap cemas) karena bagasi yang keluarnya lama, trus lari-lari di bandara Charles de Gaulle buat ngejar metro ke arah Gard du Nord. Dan metro-nya lama pula datengnya! Udah lama pake brenti beberapa kali dulu di beberapa stasiun. Sampe akhirnya dari Gard du Nord diulang lagi kejadian lari-lari ngejar metro ke stasiun Gard du L'Est -secara kreta CNL (CityNightLine) kita brangkatnya dari stasiun Gard du L'Est. Dan pada akhirnya ternyata teteup ketinggalan juga... *hah hah hah*. Cuman untungnya ada mbak-mbak yang baik yang ngasitau 'cobain deh ngejar CNL-nya ke Metz'. Yasud... kita beli tiket TGV ke Metz dan nyampe sana malah nyempet muter-muter dulu plus dinner. (Lagi-lagi kebab). Dan lumayan juga, nyobain TGV... kreta enakeun ala Prancis yang super cepat. Ha ha ha !

Monday, September 21, 2009

Porto, Portugal

So this is the reason why I came to Portugal. The story began when I had my trip to Thailand, then I shared a room in Phuket with a girl from Berlin, her name is Kath. She's been to half or the world (or many places that I've never been) so I asked here, if I wanna go to Europe, which place that she thinks as most beautiful place to visit. And her answer is Porto, in Portugal. And how she was crying when she had to leave this town.
[ I didn't cry when I left Porto, but I made up my mind next time if I had a chance to visit Portugal, I will spend at least a month to discover this beautiful country ]

I'm captivated.

Youth hostel - Pousadas de Juventude
Rua Paulo da Gama, 551
Tel. 226 177 257

e-mail :

Youth hostel @ Porto : 15 € / person

Day ticket : 5 €
Dinner + Lunch : 8 €

PS. And here also we had a most luxurious dinner ever (during our trip) in a fancy Italian restaurant, with a seaview, dish out 22 € for 2 person. That was also as a reward after a night before we didn't have any cash, didn't succeeded to withdraw a cash, so when we finally made it to get a cash, it was already late at night, both of us terribly starving and tired of walking in a cold and windy weather. Nevertheless, we have survived the worst part of our journey and got things to celebrate. [smirk]

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Lisboa, Portugal

Love this town at the beginning and I got the feel that I could live here forever.

Portuguese people also the nicest ones I have met in my trip :-)
In the train to Lisbon, an old guy was (try to) chat with me in Portuguese, 78% of the conversation I didn't know what he's talking about. And the rest of it, I knew what he's trying to say but didn't know how to reply in his words.
But human kind is uniquely interesting, they know smile is universal language by any means.

Our host in this lovely town name Miguel. He's a charming, handsome, blue-eyes guy with a character like a big brother. You will feel respect to him instantly, and he was taking good care of us.
Like one night, when he couldn't hang out together with us, he arranged his friends to take me&my friend going out to cool places to feel the night life of Lisbon. His friends also adorable as well, I mean, they're really nice to be with, and treat us really well.
Until I got my first jackpot... ehem, I threw up in the corner of the street and spilled out my pizza and salad from my previous dinner.
But still they seemed okay about it, and found me a taxi to get home.

What a great night.

Portugal, negeri asal pelaut terkenal Vasco da Gama, menyimpan banyak sejarah yang berhubungan dengan masa kejayaan Portugis di masa lampau.
Banyak kosakata dalam bahasa Indonesia yang berasal dari serapan kata Portugis, seperti misalnya : Igreja, yang artinya Gereja dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Orang Portugis juga ramah, dan suka ngumpul-ngumpul sama teman dan keluarga (mirip orang Indonesia juga lah).

Train Lagos to Lisboa (per person) : 19.85 €
Dinner (KFC) : 3.25 €
Metro ticket : 5 €
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lagos, Portugal

It's more a part of England or Germany territory than Portugal itself.
Even though (in some part) Lagos is a nice place, but it soooo touristic as well.
Heard people talking in English and Deutsch than in Portuguese here, ironically when we got lost, we could just ask people around. No communication barrier here !

de Juventude, Youth hostel, Europe, Eurotrip, backpacker, backpacking
Youth hostel - Pousadas de Juventude Lagos

Rua Lançarote de Freitas, 50

Tel. 282 761 970
e-mail :

Train Tavira-Faro- Lagos (per person) : 8.45 €
Youth hostel @ Lagos : 12 €
Dinner : 5।81 €

Lagos pastinya bukan salahsatu tempat favorit gue di Portugal, terlalu banyak turis dan sebagian besar turis dari UK/ Jerman. Bisa dibilang ini Kuta versi Portugal.
Tapi justru disini kita ampir-ampir gak nemu kesulitan bahasa, karena pas nyasar tinggal nanya orang dan orang itu bakal ngejelasin pake bahasa Inggris ala UK.
Youth hostel disini juga bukan termasuk favorit gue (rangking terakhir), resepsionis-nya sih lumayan membantu dan informatif, tapi tamu-tamunya agak nyebelin... dan disini juga gue merasa, bener-bener sebel kalo denger orang ngobrol pake logat Inggris UK. Pokonya serasa gak liburan di Portugal deh.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sevilla - Tavira

This small but beautiful town was actually out of our plan. But our host in Granada, Juanito, recomend us to visit this town instead of our first plan to visit Lagos. I like it a lot. One of the best places I visited in my trip. Good advice. And there's a concert in the city centre at the night, amazingly delightful।

Our hostel in Tavira was just recently built (3 months ago) so it's quite new and definitely a cozy place to stay। Comes in one package with a nice and well-informed receptionist name Cedric, we like him (thou' he's been very helpful, we just knew his name on when we're about to check out. what a shame).

Youth hostel - Pousadas de Juventude Tavira
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 36-38
Tel. 217 232 100

Youth hostel @ Tavira : 13 € / person
Dinner : 7 €
Boat to island : 1.9 €

Tavira sebetulnya termasuk kota kecil yang bisa ditelusuri bagian-bagian pentingnya dalam 1 hari, tapi kita putuskan untuk nginep 2 malem disana dengan alasan, kita gak jadi pergi ke Sevilla (karena disana juga gak punya host) dan juga karena Tavira punya pulau kecil yang bisa ditempuh pake kapal dari dermaganya.
Pulau kecilnya ada pantai yang mayan bagus, dan pas cuaca hari itu lagi bagus jadi orang pada berjemur. Tapi untuk berenang di lautnya ternyata masih mayan dingin ! (untuk ukuran orang Indonesia kali ya?) soalnya bulan September memang itungannya mau masuk musim gugur (autumn).
Jauh masih lebih nyaman kalau berenang di pantai Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa. . . pantes aja orang eropa banyak yang betah kalo liburan ke Bali.

Di hostel kita kenalan sama pasangan dari UK, Paul dan Anna, pas kita lagi sama-sama pake dapur trus akhirnya makan malem bareng sambil ngobrol.
Kita ngomongin betapa pentingnya menguasai bahasa asing (Spanyol / Portugis) kalau kita mau traveling ke tempat tersebut, soalnya kebanyakan orang Spanyol atau Portugis gak bisa bahasa Inggris. Lucu sih jadinya, kadang untuk pesen makanan aja gak selalu dapet yang kita mau, walaupun kita udah berusaha pake bahasa setempat.
Tapi buat mereka, kita masih lebih mending, mau usaha ngomong pake bahasa Spanyol/ Portugis yang ngaco, daripada orang UK sendiri kalau traveling selalu nyosor langsung pake bahasa Inggris, seakan-akan orang di seluruh dunia ngerti bahasa mereka. :-D

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Granada, Andalucia : The Pilgrimage

For some people they get their traveling inspiration from movies, I get mine from book by Paulo Coelho. One of his book was describing the beauty of Andaluçia, and now I am here, looking the mountains by my own eyes. Then I was talking to myself, I probably moving here and spend most of my times wandering in places like these.
A moment of contemplation.

Walking the dog in the morning.

Smells of olive trees in the air.
Enjoying warmth of the sun.
Where everything is so beautiful.
This is what I called vacation.

[ I personally sense my vacation start here ]

Train from Barcelona - Granada (Renfe) : 35 €
Dinner : 27.5 € (for 3 persons)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Alhambra, Spain

It is one of those must-see places you have to visit before you die. And the story behind the Alhambra enhance the reason why it become historical than just beautiful (and touristic) place to pay a visit.

This is what Wikipedia said about
Alhambra :
The Alhambra (Arabic: الْحَمْرَاء‎, Al-Ħamrā, literally "the red one"), the complete form of which was Calat Alhambra (الْقَلْعَةُ ٱلْحَمْرَاءُ, Al-Qal'at al-Ħamrā, "the red fortress"), is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish rulers of Granada in southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when the fortress was constructed during the mid 14th century), occupying a hilly terrace on the southeastern border of the city of Granada.

Alhambra ticket : 13 €
Luggage locker : 1.6 €
Bus ticket : 4 €
Internet : 2 €
Dinner : 6.5 €

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barcelona : magicaL , , ,

If nine is a magic number then here, in Barcelona, we are suppose to triple our luck. A 'bueno pueblo' where evrything seems to romantic and people were kissing everywhere.

I already fell in love with this part of Spain since I arrived at the Bcn airport.
Moreover when the weather is warm and beautiful people walking on the La Ramblas street.
Local people here are very much different than in Paris (of course!) they are much more laid-back, friendly, helpful, and physically pleasing. I mean, the police officers that I met were quite good looking and also ordinary people that we met on Parc Guell, public park that made by Gaudi.

We're staying in Barcelona Youth hostel located in nature reserve park, it is quite far from center of the town itself, but for me personally, I really love the place.
I put this place as one of the top 3-best places that I've stayed throughout my Eurotrip.

Easyjet flight ticket Paris - Barcelona : 84 €
Youth hostel @ Barcelona : 12 € / person
T-10 Ticket : 7.7 €
Dinner : 6 - 7 €

More information about Barcelona : Barcelona Tourist Information
Barcelona Travel Guide

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barcelona : In Out Youth Hostel

Natural park
Here's where we stayed for 2 nights in Barcelona, away from the city noises and crowds of people.

In Out Youth Hostel
C.Major del Rectoret 2
Barcelona 08017
reserves 93 280 09 85

how to get there from the town (Plasa Catalunya)
take FGC train line S1 or S2 to Theressa, stop at Baixador de Veldrera, exit at Rectoret.

The bed costs 12 Eur/night (promo, regular price around 18-20 Eur), including breakfast and free access to internet, pantry if you need to cook.
Laundry, towel, dinner & lunch available with reasonable prices.

In Out

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paris : Louvre Museum

Setiap minggu pertama awal bulan ternyata masuk museum Louvre tuh gratis (ini info yang udah gue tau sebelom nyampe Paris, penting soalnya =)
Dan karena gratis tentu ajah orang ngantri, makin siang datengnya makin panjang juga antriannya. So... info penting lainnya, lebih baik dateng pagi untuk ngantri. Museum buka jam 9am dan tutup jam 6pm. Louvre bener-bener salahsatu daya tarik Paris yang bikin gue orgasme berkali-kali karena koleksinya yang impressive banget, terutama bagian sayap Denon dimana ada koleksi antique oriental dari jaman 15-20 sebelum Masehi. Kita juga bisa minjem audiovisual guide (dalam 6 bahasa, seharga 6 Eur) dari situ bisa milih tur sesuai preferensi, seperti contohnya kalau mau liat koleksi penting dari Louvre, seperti Monalisa karya Leonardo da Vinci, Venus de Milo, Nike statue dsb.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paris : Versailles

Istana Versailles yang dibangun pada jaman Louis XIV ini totally impressive dalam arti luas bangunan dan koleksi benda didalemnya. Sayangnya untuk tiket masuk lumayan mahal (bahkan yang paket tur aja setelah kena diskon jatohnya masih 25 Eur !) Tapi setelah kita cari trik lain untuk bisa masuk tapi murah, akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk masuk diatas jam 3pm, karena harga tiket masuknya jadi 10 Eur (lumayan, karena termasuk audiovisual guide =)
Muter 3 jam juga udah puas dan cape... itu pun gak meneliti semua koleksinya, secara guedhe banget gitu loh.... dan untung juga gak ngambil paket yang Marie Antoinette garden, soalnya bagian palace-nya aja udah abis 3 jam dan cape untuk muterin smua bagian *huahhh*

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Berlin - Paris

Dapet promo dari AirBerlin birthday Berlin-Paris jadi 30 Eur (ini katanya sih termasuk murah, tapi kata gue sih masi mahal) gak pernah lagi ada kejadian tiket semurah ini dapet bagasi gratis + makan sarapan di pesawat tapi cuman bayar 30 Eur.... Not so bad at all.

Untuk malem pertama di Paris ini kita nginep di tempat host di kawasan Le Defense, which is ternyata kawasan elit di tengah kota Paris.

Pas gue ngambil foto di tengah open area di kawasan ini ada cowo Paris ngedeketin gue sambil bilang : 'Bisous?' tus ngasi pipinya gitu. Sambil senyum-senyum gue bilang aje: 'Sorry, I already had a boyfriend.'
Wah, malem pertama nyampe Paris udah bikin 1 cowo patah hati.... xixixixi.

Eiffel from Trocadero (according to Let's Go guidebook, is the most impressive side to see Eiffel ... yea yeah )

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a small world after all . . . . . .

Di Berlin gue bisa ketemu lagi sama Katharina, temen sekamar waktu sharing guest room di Phuket, sesama Couchsurfer.

Tus kita makan siang bareng di Mensa, kantin mahasiswa TU Berlin- supaya gue merasakan makanan versi mahasiswa Berlin katanya. Nice.