Monday, September 21, 2009

Porto, Portugal

So this is the reason why I came to Portugal. The story began when I had my trip to Thailand, then I shared a room in Phuket with a girl from Berlin, her name is Kath. She's been to half or the world (or many places that I've never been) so I asked here, if I wanna go to Europe, which place that she thinks as most beautiful place to visit. And her answer is Porto, in Portugal. And how she was crying when she had to leave this town.
[ I didn't cry when I left Porto, but I made up my mind next time if I had a chance to visit Portugal, I will spend at least a month to discover this beautiful country ]

I'm captivated.

Youth hostel - Pousadas de Juventude
Rua Paulo da Gama, 551
Tel. 226 177 257

e-mail :

Youth hostel @ Porto : 15 € / person

Day ticket : 5 €
Dinner + Lunch : 8 €

PS. And here also we had a most luxurious dinner ever (during our trip) in a fancy Italian restaurant, with a seaview, dish out 22 € for 2 person. That was also as a reward after a night before we didn't have any cash, didn't succeeded to withdraw a cash, so when we finally made it to get a cash, it was already late at night, both of us terribly starving and tired of walking in a cold and windy weather. Nevertheless, we have survived the worst part of our journey and got things to celebrate. [smirk]

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