Friday, September 18, 2009

Lisboa, Portugal

Love this town at the beginning and I got the feel that I could live here forever.

Portuguese people also the nicest ones I have met in my trip :-)
In the train to Lisbon, an old guy was (try to) chat with me in Portuguese, 78% of the conversation I didn't know what he's talking about. And the rest of it, I knew what he's trying to say but didn't know how to reply in his words.
But human kind is uniquely interesting, they know smile is universal language by any means.

Our host in this lovely town name Miguel. He's a charming, handsome, blue-eyes guy with a character like a big brother. You will feel respect to him instantly, and he was taking good care of us.
Like one night, when he couldn't hang out together with us, he arranged his friends to take me&my friend going out to cool places to feel the night life of Lisbon. His friends also adorable as well, I mean, they're really nice to be with, and treat us really well.
Until I got my first jackpot... ehem, I threw up in the corner of the street and spilled out my pizza and salad from my previous dinner.
But still they seemed okay about it, and found me a taxi to get home.

What a great night.

Portugal, negeri asal pelaut terkenal Vasco da Gama, menyimpan banyak sejarah yang berhubungan dengan masa kejayaan Portugis di masa lampau.
Banyak kosakata dalam bahasa Indonesia yang berasal dari serapan kata Portugis, seperti misalnya : Igreja, yang artinya Gereja dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Orang Portugis juga ramah, dan suka ngumpul-ngumpul sama teman dan keluarga (mirip orang Indonesia juga lah).

Train Lagos to Lisboa (per person) : 19.85 €
Dinner (KFC) : 3.25 €
Metro ticket : 5 €
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