Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kawah Putih ( white crater ? )

Another journey to continue...
As soon as we arrived in Bandung, my friend made a plan to go to Kawah Putih (english translation= white crater) the place used to take a picture for pre-wedding couple- adaptation from western cultural that probably rarely applied among western people itself.
We packed for lunch then heading to the place by car (we used my mother's car, but FYI you could rent a car for 200,000-300,000 IDR / 12 hours, depends on what kind of car do you rent.
There are so many place to rent a car with reasonable price around Bandung. Usually the price included a driver.)

I suppose nature were nice to us at the moment, not very windy and cold, but make sure you bring your jacket in case the weather went bad. There were a choir who also went there -for outdoor activity?- they managed to make a performance in front of us (all the visitors I mean) and it was beautiful 'cause the voices ran to open air.
I enjoyed the moment, thought it only lasted for about 10 minutes ^^

For the comfort of the journey, my advice is, to travel there before 8AM , cause around 8-9AM it will be office hour, and you'll get stuck in annoyingly traffic jam on the way to the place.
And to go back before 3-5PM for the same reason.

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