Friday, September 9, 2011

Genova, again

It's funny that during my second Eurotrip last summer I did not plan intentionally to stay in Genova for a long period. I thought I was just gonna pass it by from Firenze, before then continue the journey to French Riviera.
That's what I like from open plan (and being a single traveler, of course) that you could change your itinerary at the last minute by see what's in front of you.

It happened to me, I just suddenly fall in love with this place.
I fall in love with Italian Riviera, the constant perfect weather and the people.
I even manage to come back here, after a long journey from Amsterdam to Brussel, then Charleroi, to catch a budget flight (Ryanair took my pant away, just because I had 1 kilo excess baggage! Nasty airline. Now I really miss my Airberlin flight with free 20 kgs baggage.)
And a warm welcoming weather then reminds me so much why I want to be here.
Should I mentioned that when I left Amsterdam it was 12 degrees Celcius (with 52 km/h wind speed... yeah, I'm not made it up).

It's a pity that I was too busy after coming back from my 1 month Eurotrip, I didn't have time to summarize the journey (it's all still remain notes in my scrapbook) or write it down in this blog.
But it has been wonderful, magnificent trip in brief.
Almost unreal I would say.
I couldn't describe it in words because it's just too beautiful.

Anyway, in the end my academic life has struck me back to reality.
I spent one week more in Copenhagen to have my oral exam and graduation, then had flight to Germany. Been here and there (physically) in Netherlands, but basically my minds flew somewhere in Liguria.
This place is just intoxicating.

Camogli, Liguria
Camogli, Liguria
first night @ Italian Riviera 17072011

traveling notes :
Train ticket (one way) Firenze SMN - Genova Brignole 40Eur (mahal karena beli last minute, tapi bisa dipake berenti di Pisa)
Ryanair return ticket Charleroi (Brussel Zuid) - aeoroporto di Genova 20 Eur (belum termasuk bagasi, standar kabin cuman 10 kgs)
Train ticket (return) Amsterdam CS - Brussel Zuid/Midi 78 Eur
Ticket (combined train+bus, one way) Brussel Zuid/Midi - Charleroi l'aeroport
11.70 Eur
kaos Zara 4Eur; tas Zara 19 Eur; belt H&M 5 Eur
pizza (1 slice) 2.70 Eur; gelato 2 Eur

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