Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making dreams come true

Years ago I was collecting many beautiful pictures of landscapes all around the world. Unconsciously I built dreams to go there somewhere, I love seeing new places (well who's not?) but I didn't know when and how I could really go there somewhere.

At that moment I was just started my career as a medical doctor and I loved it.

I had this huge passion to save the world and I knew I had little time for myself to travel to the new places.

And just recently 3 years ago, I had a lump in my breast, which was painful.
As a doctor I knew that I hardly had any chance for getting breast cancer, we don't have such history in our family, I didn't use any hormone therapy and my lifestyle is pretty much healthier compare to average people.
But still, I had this feeling that it could be something serious and threatening.
I made few consultations to friends and performed ultrasonography exam for mammae.

It turned out to be 'just' simple cystic in my breast tissue.

No harm at all, but I keep gone through regular USG every 6 months or so.

It was 3 years ago, and it was one of the turning points of my life.
I knew that life is too short sometime.
In very young age I saw many people died, old or young- and life could be spent worth and well or reckless and careless.
And what if I were diagnosed with fatal disease such as breast cancer, would I ever regret of something I could have done when I was healthy ?

Then I made a breakthrough in my life, as if I will probably die tomorrow- I started traveling alone, abroad.
I chose Singapore, because there my bestfriend's lived and then from there to Thailand. I was traveling alone but made friends with people through my path.

I met a girl from Canada on my first day in Thailand and we traveled together for few days, one guy from UK, one guy from France, one German girl, one couple from USA. Basically I learned that friendship is beyond race, language, culture, skin color etc.

Couple of months after I traveled to Thailand, I even met this German girl again in Berlin! Apparently world is not as big as I thought, if you're making friends all over the world!

Few months ago, when I was in Cinque Terre, Italy- I took this picture in Manarola.

It was one of the five villages in the place.

manarolaManarola :: my heaven on earth experience :)

I heard that this is a beautiful place long before I made it there, but still I got the feel that it was too good to be true when I was actually there.
And I was traveling alone (I stayed in my friend's place but I didn't tell him that I was so overwhelming with my own thought and feeling. I just kept it for myself) -
most of the times I kept notes for my travel log.

But there were times that I just couldn't even write it down and amazed by the view and my own feeling's.

Life truly has been very kind to me.

Then just few weeks ago, I came back to my home country and it was all finished.

I saw the collections of pictures that I have taken, but I still got the same feeling, all those overwhelming and amazed.

Randomly I opened a folder in my laptop, contained pictures I've collected with
places I wanna see (someday).
And there was a pict of village in Cinque terre, I couldn't tell precisely whether it was Manarola or Riomaggiore, but I am sure it was in Cinque terre. This is the pict that I mention
(I suppose it was Manarola, but from different view)

Now I really believe the power of dreams, or wishes or whatever it is,

if you want it so bad... you might go there somewhere.
(And I'm not talking only about places but also goals, achievements etc).


Nona Novi said...

Iyaa.. sama2 mbak, Makasih yaa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog before, and sorry I've always been a silent reader on your blog.

Love your blog, full of interesting stories from your journey. Hopefully someday mine will be like this too, your blog has inspired me :) Thank u!

MD said...

@dweechullie :

Thanks for visiting & leaving comment, too.
Certainly I wish more Indonesian girls are out there discovering the world, it's just too beautiful to ignore! hahaha...

Hope years ahead you'll have more adventurous and enchanting experiences than I did ;)