Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amsterdam: student housing @Diemen

Since I got the fellowship from NFP, which is very nice, the course also provide me with housing, allowances and all that stuffs.

When I arrived here, in Ams, it was a bit cold... let say 14C degrees, but its now getting warmer (the wind still strong thou')
But I really like the weather couple of days ago, it felt like summer already, people going outside (I mean the streets were crowded with people, also because they had a big match)

Anyway, I was staying in a student house, I know some of the students in my class also staying in this place.
It take approx 10 minutes with the tram to the institute where we're studying, I was thinking to also buy a bike when I'm coming back on Sept..

My room located in the 13th floor, so I get a niceee view of the tennis court also I have my own balcony ! Birds are hanging right on the front of my balcony when it rains outside.

And the weather is nice, it's very difficult to keep doing the assignment because I will start to take the picture of the beautiful sky or city light at night *sighed*

Today, I met holland student in the pantry (I don't my own fridge or microwave like other international student, since I am here for a short period) and she told me that she's gonna come to Bali for holiday.

It's always nice to know that there are people here who actually know where is your country and what does it looks like :-)

Again, this what it's look like at night.
Nice eh? It's just I haven't mastered my SLR yet.... hahaha...

Here, during summer, I hardly sleep early because the sun set later at 10 pm, so people will be go to bed probably around 11 or even 12 (I didn't do any survey yet).

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