Friday, October 2, 2009

coming back home : Munich - Dubai

it feels like a dream and its time to wake up.

realizing my vacation has come to the end, I wept in my seat on the flight back home.
the sunset has seen my tears down on my face.
for it has been a great journey, a fantastic adventure, with such a partner and it was all must come to an end somehow.
I hardly say goodbye to the things, especially to those nice things happened, but he has made me saying it loud.

i already miss it all.
the weather in Portugal. autumn in Berlin. smell of olive tree in Andalusia.

a French friend told me that French people didn't say goodbye, instead they would say, 'Au revoir'
means 'see you later'.

so I'd say
Au revoir.

pertama, harus diakui bahwa ada masalah psikologis yang belum terselesaikan.
namanya perpisahan.
dan itu pasti selalu, akan terjadi, pada semua cerita.
terutama cerita yang bagus.

tiba-tiba aja jadi sedih.
untuk semua hal-hal menyenangkan yang telah dialami dan harus kembali ke realita.

itulah konsekuensinya jadi orang dewasa.

aku kecanduan.
sama traveling.
parah parah parah.

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