Monday, May 25, 2009

[almost] missed a flight from Bangkok!

Flight back to Jakarta and nearly came late for departure, there was terribly traffic jam on the way to the airport. So i took a taxi instead of airport bus, and cost me another 260 baht. 
But that still a good price thou'

I was arrived exactly at the final call before the gate was closed and this girl in the security check up was comprehensively looking at my stuffs.
Really annoying but I made it anyway. I don't want her to throw away my new body shop oil ( from Spore, cost 15 SGD! )

And this Indonesian (chinese looking) girl was taking my seat inside the flight, how dare!
In the middle of stressful moment she didn't even try to make things easier for me! (or even said sorry for took my seat).

And there was another story about my baggage that took about a year to come out. When l I saw my backpack, instantly took it then ran out to the next queue for baggage check (or whatever it was).

Thanks God there was last travel car to my hometown, thou' it would take another 3hours on the journey. but that's should be okay since i'm gonna meet my bella again ! =D

Suggestion :
Please note that at least spare 4-5 hours before departure time, because it's better to wait in Suvarnabumi aiport (it's a very huge new international airport, with a lotsa expensive stuffs to buy) then to spend an uncertain moment in the traffic jam -especially during working hours.

lumphini park
Lumphini Park @ night, Bangkok

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