Friday, May 15, 2009

day 3 : Phi-phi island

Took a half day boat trip to Phi phi island. I couldn't say much about it, just take a look at the picts :-)
white sand ... clear water ...

sunset at Maya beach

If you take a half day tour boat trip in the Koh Phi phi will cost around 400-500b (including snorkeling equipment, lunch, trip to several small islands and bay around koh phi phi island).
There is also a similar tour that you can booked from Phuket costs around 1000b (including return ticket using ferry boat, that usually could costs 350b for one trip only).

Bringing your swimsuit and SPF lotion will be essential in this trip.

My host in this beautiful island was Coco, he owned a restaurant there and he told me he used to had empty room for me & Jen, but since some of his relatives also has to stay there without giving him early notice, I would be using his room and he'd slept in balcony!
He's such an angel indeed, Coco is always welcome to visit my hometown anytime!

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