Thursday, May 14, 2009

day 2 : Kata beach

Leaved early in the morning to Kata beach, another side of Phuket island. But I got lost (again!) but I was constantly having these peoples helped me find the place. This time, I met this French guy accidentally in the internet cafe when I was searching for the right address, and he told me to get into his car and his gonna take me there. How nice! He was married with Thai girl a long time ago and they were there for vacation, so he speaks very good Thai (phasa Thai :-) when asking for direction. Cool !
My room-mate in this guesthouse was Katharina, she's from Berlin, Germany. And we shared stories about places we want to go (or have been there...) Her stories about Portugal makes me wanna go there too ! Probably I would .... *hmmmmh*

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