Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bizzare french life (la vie en france -premier)

just arrived few days ago in south of france, and my life completely different since what it was a week ago.

it felt weird how a week ago i was still wandering in Jakarta pollution's and traffic jam. My apartment located in the centre, with fantastic view on sunset (it's 11th floor btw)
I left my decent job in international health organization so I could have a break for 1-2 months vacation.

then just in a week, now i live in a jungle, nearly out of nowhere on south of france.
the village that i stay now, not even listed on the map!

i don't know how many population live here. only hav one neighbor so far within 10 meters distance.
i think more animals are actually live here than human.
and almost nobody speak english except B.
so it kinda feel a bit isolated even though yesterday i went out with B  et mes amis.
my lame french doesn't help at all apparently.

just this morning i realized i kinda miss rice and asian food.
french bread, salad and cheese start to make me sick : (
but i didn't tell B about it. although i did make yellow rice for both of us, for the sake of my eating habit as well.

and i have trained myself to poop outside!
what a progress!
although a bit disgrace to my professional acknowledgement, but there's no toilet nearby anyway. B said it's okay, the insects will digest it and it's all gone in few days.
all i need is get used to.

since we have an outdoor shower, with poorly warmed water from the pipe, i need also some time to get used to. standing naked with only birds sound on the top of your head, never across in my mind before.
at least i still have my precious l'occitane products to indulge when my pride hurt a bit.

i really don't mind live in nature like this.
just not sure how long i will stand without shopping malls, (or people who actually speak english).

.: showering outdoor under the trees :.

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