Friday, June 11, 2010

Amsterdam: unfinished

Should have working on my assignment today, but I just can't !

They (KIT) has arranged the opening ceremony for World Cup and guess the international students will be there ... would be a great opportunity to hang out with other people (even though I am not a big fan of soccer)

Glad that I was there !

It was located on the cafe, they put a big screen in the front.
And it was South Africa vs Mexico (there's a huge group of South Africa's fans and a small group of Mexico's fans, that's including me :-)

I really love Amsterdam so far, I like my place where I'm studying, the city, people I that met and their dogs (if they have it :-)

And the course ! The reason why I am here !
Today, I walked with one of the lecturer about how complicated it was to deal with interventions even (or more) if you know what kind of HIV epidemiology in one's country.

Glad to be here before I start my master on September, just can't wait to get back again.

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