Monday, June 11, 2012

Past lives (if there's such)

I was not a believer for 'past lives' but as time goes by (or as I read more books about it) I begin doubt myself if there's such thing as it.

Few months ago, just when I left my hometown for a new job, a friend of mine gave me a book about a journey to Santiago de Compostella. It has somewhat mentioned slightly about past lives of the author. Although I was almost always skeptical about it, the book was not fiction-based at all.

On the same time, I bought Aleph (English version, since we still don't have it translated into Indonesian). Written by Paulo Coelho, I have intended to buy it long before when I was still in Italy (but then they didn't have the english version).

It still wrapped up in plastic seal until few weeks ago, when I started my self trip to Bali.
On the way to find myself (again).

The story of the book (I shouldn't mentioned it here) had affected me, I begin wondering what I had been in past lives.

Once when I was really young and began my medical study, I was about to drop out my study (I always wanted to be clothing designer, or vet, or artist) but then I had this dream.
It was too hard to forget, I still could remember it now.
I was standing in a bed and there was my very best friend (we've been together almost forever) she was lying on the bed, asking me to help.
If only I could saved one life during my whole career as a doctor, that would be hers. 
So here I am, few years after that vision, made it all the way as it destined.

There's also one dream, that made me wondering, whether I had been a nurse or also working in clinical in the past.
For sure I was in the middle of the war, and there's this soldier (and I loved him, or it felt like it) who dying in my arms. 
It might seems ridiculous, but I felt that he supposed to be my soulmate. 
Since we couldn't be together in past live, I really hope we could re-connect again in present live.

[ to be continued yah . . . ngantux . . . . mo pingsan dulu ]

PS. and for whoever think that you might be a soldier in the past lives (and died in the middle of the war, in the arms of a lady : )  have your ever thought that i am here waiting for you ?

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