Monday, August 25, 2008

Jokja, escaping

In the middle of busy week, I went escaping to Jokja. Or Yogya for some people. Whatever... Jokja is located in Center of Java, precisely in Yogyakarta Special Region.
I was there for couple of days. With my friend. (Actually he used to be my boyfriend, but somehow both of us decided that we're better stay as a friend)

Anyway... I had a great time when I was there.

Food and stuffs are much more cheaper than in my hometown, Bandung.

And since Jokja well known as a city full of culture, we're spent one night watching ballet (sendratari) of Ramayana with Prambanan temple as a background.

That was fascinating, for I saw it for the first time of my life!
Shame of me, for I'm an Indonesian, should have watched something like this long ago.

On the second day, we're heading to Parangtritis beach.
If we walked from Parangtritis approx 1 kilo to east side, we'll arrive at Parangkusumo beach.
Parangkusumo seemed less well known compared to Parangtritis, but for me it was more peaceful and attractive.
A week after I found out that the location was used for videoshooting (Agnes Monica for her music video).

We're sleptover for a night in a local hotel near the beach. We were hoping to see the sunrise at the next day, but we failed to wake up early :)

The last day in Jokja, I shopped in Malioboro street. I bought batik for a cheap price (only 25,000 IDR or about 2 USD !) and also an ethnic bag for about 2-3 USD, two batik wallet 2 USD for each.
We had to catch the train to Madiun, so after spent an hour in Malioboro mall (sense of capitalism... hmmmh) we rushed to the station, not very far from the mall though.
Only takes about 10' by foot.

I believe Jokja is one of the safest city in Indonesia (for tourists) and since there were Trans-bus, there was affordable but reliable public transportation.
Waiting forward for another opportunity in escaping.

Cost estimation:
Ticket (by train) Bandung-Yogyakarta : 150,000 IDR
Cheap hotel around Malioboro : 60,000-100,000 IDR / night (2 beds)
Trans-bus (around Jokja) : 3,000 IDR
Transportation from Jokja to Parangtritis : 30,000 / person (by bus)
Cheap hotel around Parangtritis : 75,000 - 150,000 / night (2 beds)

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