Saturday, January 31, 2009

Braga street: on one (not very) sunny day

we just had enough  with malls in Bandung, then it was such a bright day (it was, then its getting cloudy at the afternoon) so me and my friends decided to walk around Braga street. After having lunch... we start the journey, just enjoying the sight and took pictures (of course!)
old building . . .
my friend and the land rover

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sTyLiSsiMo said...

here's more info, based on Qs from a friend

If you're heading to Bdg on 17-19 Oct, I gotta warn you its weekend, and it means traffic jam it all the places. I hope you're not overexpected about Bdg whatsoever.
It is a nice place if you like shoping & nice foods, but all the people come here for the same reason, esp on weekends.

There's advertising about cheap hostel on the website, and if you find one that suits your preferences my advice will be, its better to book it in advance. Last minute room on weekend could be impossible (or you could try, but it should be more expensive...)

A place for sight seeing, if you like malls, I would recommended Paris van Java (its located on Pasirkaliki street) and Cihampelas walk (on Cihampelas street) both are very touristic places, if you find cheap hostels around that should be good so you can walk and avoid the traffic jam or stressed find a parking place (if you rent a car)
Public transportation here quite cheap, but not very reliable, esp if you to travel 5 people altogether. Rent a car would be an option, then you could spare 250-350K rupiah on it. Its quite reasonable prices if you travel more than 4 people

If you like shopping, you could try to wander around Riau street, it's a street with Factory Outlets along the way, so spare at least a day and my advice would be start early to find a parking place (and avoid the traffic jam, as well)